Want to refine your knowledge of duct-fan systems?

February 14th, 2020

Attention to mine ventilation engineers and technologists! G+ Plastics will be giving a 1-day workshop on duct-fan system design and operations in Vancouver on Sunday, May 3rd as part of the CIM Convention 2020. Registrations are now open and course fees are of 375 CAD for the day (100 CAD for students). We are looking forward seeing you!

Why our workshop?

Because vent lines, made of duct and fans, have become a prominent air delivery system in many hard rock mines for development and production. Today, they may extend for hundreds if not thousands of meters. Understanding the fundamentals behind vent lines components, and then maximizing the system efficiency is essential for delivering sufficient air volume to the workings or headings while minimizing its energy consumption. However, designing an efficient ducted ventilation system also requires addressing a series of constraints regarding the mine environment, the workforce, health and safety and cost.

Our objectives

Our short course goal is for every attendee to refine their understanding of fluid dynamics as well as duct and vane axial fan properties that influence the operations of a vent line. We also wish to bring light the involvement of not just the mine ventilation team, but all other stakeholders that benefit from efficient ventilation.

Preliminary program of the day

  1. Fundamental of fluid dynamics
  2. Duct properties
  3. Vane axial fan properties
  4. The duct-fan system
  5. Ducted ventilation design
  6. Simulations
  7. Vent line performance surveys and maintenance


Finally, this short course will be presented by Myriam Francoeur, our Ventilation Projects Specialist. She makes uses of her Physics background (M. Sc. Physics 2010, University of Montreal) to provide technical support to G+ Speed Air Duct users in designing and optimizing their duct-fan systems. Myriam also conducts performance surveys of auxiliary ventilation systems and supports the sales team. Additionally, her skills in journalism, communications and technical writing help her lead the company’s marketing and communication efforts.