• Goldcorp's Borden Gold Project tagboard, Chapleau (Ontario).


We manufacture an array of health and safety products designed for the mining industry. We select plastics that satisfy the many constraints of the mining environment, thanks to their mechanical and chemical resistance as well as their lightness.


We offer various safety guards for mines and processing plants. Each guard, made corrosion-proof by their plastic base material, is lightweight, easy to install and handle and requires no maintenance.

Our production team ensures that all guards comply with our clients’ requirements and the most stringent safety standards.


Worker safety is one of our most cherished values. That's why we offer products designed to prevent incidents in their work environment.

We manufacture boxes for the storage or handling of detonators or explosives; exclusive tagboards developed in collaboration with Goldcorp; manhole lids as well as fire, stretcher cabinets, and emergency shower cabinets.


Our convenience products such as our hose filters, toilet cabinets, refuge station furniture and storage cabinets are highly valued in the mining industry. Heavy-duty and corrosion-proof, plastic provides durability, a quality appreciated in both mines and processing plants.


We have acquired our reputation with our customized products. Our state-of-the-art shop and rigorous quality controls allow us to develop unique, tailor-made and sustainable solutions that comply with our clients’ needs for more than 20 years.